• Welcome to the ESS Instruments Industry Day organised by the French, German and Swiss ILOs

  • Dear Industry Representatives,

    We are writing to you as Industry Liaison Officers of France, Germany and Switzerland for ESS, the new European neutron source facility. The ESS will be operational by 2020 at the Lund site in Sweden. The construction phase has begun in 2014, at a cost estimated at 1.85 billion euros.

    The legal structure responsible for building and operating ESS is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium, the ESS ERIC which was officially promulgated by the European Commission on 19 August 2015 and which brings together 12 Member states and 3 Observer states.

    France, Germany and Switzerland are founding members of the ESS ERIC, which finance 8.0 %, 11.0 % and 3.5 % respectively of the ESS total construction budget.

    The facility design includes a linear proton accelerator, a rotating tungsten target and state-of-the-art neutron instruments. In December 2016, the ESS Council approved the construction plan for the facility’s first 15 instruments, including scope, cost and delivery schedule as well as the first eight of the 15 to be brought into service. The French, German and Swiss laboratories are together engaged in close scientific collaborations for the construction of 11 from the 15 first instruments. They represent in the coming years a total investment of around 120 M€.

    Regular meetings between the three stakeholders: ESS managers, physicists and instrument engineers from the laboratories in charge, as well as with industrial companies, are seen as highly valuable. The event « ESS Instruments Industry Day » to be held Friday the 8th of June at FIAP Paris aims for this objective. On this occasion, the industrial companies will be able to learn about the technical status updates of the project and will have the opportunity to present their technology and expertise to the national laboratories as well as to ESS's contractors.

    The ESS directorate as well as at the highest level representatives of CNRS, CEA, FZJ and PSI will be present. We plan to welcome the participation of about 80 representatives of the industrial world as well as 60 academics and officials from France, Germany and Switzerland. We are organizing an exhibition of more than 40 posters that will facilitate exchanges and serve as a basis for a "Business to Business" session.

    We warmly invite you to attend the ESS Instruments Industry Day on the 8th of June at FIAP Paris.
    We look forward to welcome you in Paris!

    Antoine DAËL
    French ESS ILO
    Ghaleb Natour
    German ESS ILO
    Michel Hübner
    Swiss ESS ILO
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